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Six ways of coping up with stress

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Stress and how to cope with it (disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, so these are all based from my experience). We have different ways of coping, I know I'm stressed when I experience my hands shaking, my heart beating erratically, my head starts to ache and i get emotional. So these are my symptoms, yours might be different. I know that we all have episodes, so we need to help ourselves and having a healthy support system would be a great bonus! Okay, these are my to do list when stress happens:

Stop and pause

A few minutes of pausing goes a long way, count 1 to 3 then inhale, exhale, repeat as many as you can. Inhale the good, exhale the bad makes your day a lot better :-).


There's no telling how far you can walk but make sure you always go back where you started. Make a full circle, and sometimes after the walk it gives you a different perspective. When walking think about happy thoughts, positive vibes and warm wishes.

Eat comfort food, drink your happy

Sometimes a chocolate bar does the trick for me. A milk tea and fries would surely perk me up as well. I also drink coffee and eat anything sweet, surprisingly it does the trick.

Keep your cool and stay quiet

Sometimes keeping quiet does the trick. It calms my mind when i freeze all that surrounds me the moment i feel stressed. I focus on one thing then look at the bright side.

Smile and be thankful

Smile, it's free. I get it, when i smile I feel that the world smiles back at me. I'm thankful, i count my blessings, i hug myself and give myself a pat on the back. I reassure myself, these too shall pass.

Attitude of gratitude

Finally, I would not ran out of people, opportunities and things to be thankful for. Everyday, I wake up i love life and what it has given me all my life. Sometimes, if you just need to shout then do so to let the stress out, though always remember to breathe afterwards, then transition to be the positive you.

Life is full of hope and love, we just need to start our own little way of sharing the positivity and believe in the goodness of each and everyone. Same time last year I was recovering from Bells Palsy which was probably caused by stressed, so every time i feel a bout of stress kicking in, i take it slow, i let it go.

Everyday, it's a mind game. Your mindset is important. When we set our minds into something, it attracts all the positive energies to make it happen. Why not focus all our strengths to being happy, relieve the stress and live a life with an attitude of gratitude. It might not be easy, but it's surely worth a try. And at the end of the day, a big warm hug usually takes away all the stress and frustrations that gives way to make things a lot better. May we always have happy thoughts!

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