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A mom of two boys, a wife of an engineer, a daughter to loving retired parents, working in the corporate world and service industry for the last twenty years and I’ve been wanting to share my experiences in life, love and travels through this website.


Like you, I would have random thoughts, wishful thinking, big dreams, making it happen and living life to the fullest as part and parcel of what I’ve become. My childhood was simple living, I came from a close-knit family of six, I have two sisters, a brother, my father became an OFW for some years and my mother had an early retirement to take care of us. And just like any normal family in the 80’s our upbringing were a lot stricter than what the Gen Y’s or the Gen Z’s are now experiencing. I treasure those precious moments and I try my best to make it possible for my kids to live just like we did during that time. Well, I can say me and my husband is fairly successful in molding our kids to become the good and responsible adolescents they are now.


I would be sharing mostly travel thoughts and destinations, parenting tips, married life, building relationships, nurturing friendship, bucket lists, positivity, paying it forward and being thankful for everyday blessings. I’d be happy to hear and listen to your thoughts as well, I am trying to venture into this writing endeavor to document my journey in life, my passions and hope that I would be inspiring other moms or individuals out there to have a little me time. This is one way that I think would be able to create a balance to my hectic work, don’t get me wrong, I love my job :-) it just gives me a different level of happiness doing something else other than that.


So here's sharing with you my passions, my thoughts, and curious wanderings.​ Happy thoughts drive positivity, have a blissful read everyone!!!

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