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Weekends & Moms

Weekends are the best for working moms. It’s when we look forward to bonding moments with the family or doing ME time sometimes. A lot of things happening and none of them are mundane. So, I've listed down things that I do, that I believe most moms can relate ;-)

Fridays are for wine nights

I long for wine nights, just chilling. I’m a red wine kind of mom, a shiraz cabernet person that drinks wine with dark chocolate. Writing about it makes me want to have one right now. Drinking wine relaxes my mind and somehow makes the night a little bit warmer after a long day at work.

Session for movie marathon

I love feel good movies, love stories and family stories. My husband loves action movies, my two sons are fond of Marvel movies and comedy flicks. They would always remind me not to watch emotional movies filled with crying because I always cry the whole time the cast is crying. But, crying while watching a movie is a OK for me to do. The tears that fall actually clears our eyes, and I think it’s better crying over sad movies than crying over life’s disappointments anyway.

Late mornings

Late mornings are the best. They say that when you get older you tend to wake up early regardless of how late you slept. I’d like to think I am not that old yet, because I can still sleep until 10 in the morning if and when I come from a late night from movie watching, wine nights or what have you’s.

Coffee and a good book

Coffee makes me want to do more, and a good book simply gives me time to think about anything else other than my to do list ha-ha. Yes, I long to finish 1 book in one sitting. Because it has never really happened in my entire four decades of existence. It’s probably because if and when I’m needed even if I’m in the middle of a good book, I get up and do it. No buts, just get it done before I get back to reading ha-ha.

What’s in the kitchen?

Cooking opportunity? Yes, weekends may be the only time I get to prepare lunch and dinner so I get excited and sometimes go overboard. With me realizing the weekend is more physically exhausting than the weekdays. I love cooking pasta, chicken wings, and if I really have the time I bake. Not a professional cook or chef, just your normal kind of mommy cook.

Grocery shopping escape

I do weekly grocery for those that’s perishable (vegetables, meat, and fish). While for the normal canned goods, laundry soaps, toiletries and others I shop at least once a month. The kids when they were young was always excited doing the grocery with me. Now that they’re teenagers they’d prefer to stay at home. So, now-a-days this activity is really a me-time.

Sometimes, Eat Out

When there are victories or milestones, big or small we eat out. The kids now decides where to eat and it’s mostly Yabu, Samgyeup or steaks. Yes, weekend eats may not be strictly a ME-time but the family dinners really becomes a venue where we eat and laugh at the same time hearing the kid’s stories at school or at home.

Giving thanks on Sundays at the church

We do not forget to give thanks on Sundays. I am thankful we were able to instill with our kids to pray, be kind to others and share their blessings. Attending the Sunday mass gives us the break, the peace of mind and the embrace we long for to assure us that we are loved and guided by our Almighty Lord. This after the week-long hustle at work and at school.

I can think of more but basically, these sums it up for me. I love weekends and I am sure you do to. What about you? How do you spend your weekends?

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