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Weekends are made of these… :-)

Weekends are always a fun surprise. You sometimes plan what you want to do while other times you just want to stay lazy and chill the weekend away.

My list of weekend fun would be :

a. Waking up late is a rare occassion for moms like me and i truly treasure weekends because it gives me an excuse to do this :-). No rush, keep it cool, relax then everything else follows.

b. Cooking up something simple and sweet. I have a sweet tooth, i don’t know about you but for me it seems as though i cannot get enough of sweets. Dark chocolates, cakes, ice cream, crepes, fruits and desserts are my comfort food. They make me feel happy and less likely to be in a bad mood. Thank God for sweets!

we baked a cake 🙂

sweets for my sweet

c. Spend some “ME” time. Read a good book, catch up on your social media accounts, have a spa, pamper yourself with a manicure and a pedicure. This never fails to liven up my ever hectic workweek that each time “ME” time comes it is always a well deserve break.

d. Cuddle up. Spend your day in front of the tv, do movie marathon with the fambam and munch all the popcorn and chips that you want 🙂 i can actually smell the popcorn now in the family room. Kids love it and so the rest of us too.

e. Go out of town. This is once in a while, well okay maybe every quarter? This lets you unwind far from your regular weekly habit and experiencing more of what’s outside your comfort zone. I love out of town with my whole family, it gets tiring alright but the journey and the experience makes it worth it.

Road trips and weekend escape 🙂

f. Go to the mall or do the groceries. Its not a big production but this definitely becomes one of the MUST DO during weekends. Time to spend your time and your money wisely. It also makes me proud how hubby and I raised the kids well enough to know what is worth buying or not. They know how to categorize things  if it’s a need or a want. They learned from the elders when and when not to buy. Happy grocery shopping!

g. Sunset viewing and barbecue picnic. I never get tired of the sun. It doesn’t matter if its sunrise or sunset as long as there’s Mr Sun i love it. What we sometimes do on a weekend is go to the roofdeck set up the barbecue stand and wait for the sunset. Oh the smell of marinated meat being grilled, even hotdog on stick with marshmallow on it gives me a high. It’s when everyone else gets excited to finally eat the cooked barbecue, drink soda and share the week that was that we truly feel, happy weekend indeed.


h. Lastly, its a time for praises. As Sunday comes, its about us giving all the Glory back to the Lord. Praise him for the blessings he consistently sends our way. It’s also time to ask for forgiveness for all the sins we made. The more thankful we are the more blessed we will be.

Weekend getaway

Indeed, weekends are made for simple pleasures. Life happens, be in it. And although we do not get to do all the things we want on one weekend, there will always be other weekends where we can live them and make it happen. I love weekends not because i have no work to do or because i want a day off, truly it means more to me because whatever I do on a weekend is sure to re-energize me and attracts a more productive week ahead.

Happy weekend everyone!!! Cheers to good life!

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