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In between leaving and staying

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Sometimes no matter how you want to let good things last, the universe has its own ways of letting you know that she has other plans for you and that its time. When that happens, you either embrace it or you let it pass not knowing what is out there waiting for you.

I have always been looking for positivity on every situation that I’m in. I’m the one for, “let it go”, “don’t bother”, “let it pass”, “let them worry”. Though lately, I can’t seem to place myself in it. Well, I have been up and about for years now in the corporate world which basically gave me happiness and fulfillment in my career. It wasn’t really work, because I loved what I was doing. Fast forward to my twenty first year and it feels as though it’s not going my way anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I’m doing, but the past days I have been dragging my feet doing what I’m supposed to be doing and being just as an effective leader. Unfortunately, even I get mad at myself finding myself slacking at times. When do you say enough is enough? Like in general, may it be in a relationship with your loved one, a friend, a boss, or work for that matter? Definite signs are below that says its time!

When you’re unhappy

Sometimes even there are accomplishments along the way, you feel empty and unhappy. My quick fix will always be chocolates, milk tea or chips, but afterwards back to worries. They say that happiness is a state of mind, well I believe sometimes it is and sometimes it’s not. Simple things, supportive feedback, hearing let’s try and make it happen instead of a “No, there are so much on our timelines already” or “no, unless it’s revenue generating then we put it in the priority list”. So when positivity runs out, happiness soon follows.

Motivation, drive and productivity challenged

In normal days, task of to do list are getting ticked and done. But this time, a task takes long to complete and somehow deliverables are done halfheartedly. It’s either you’re unmotivated, and something is missing that you can’t really put your finger on it. When I say motivation, it’s not really all about the pay, sometimes recognition and a pat on the back can mean as much. The thought that “if leadership isn’t motivated it’s pretty impossible to have motivated employees” does not hold true for my team. I am very observant and I can feel that they are on their best self right now :-). I believe they are motivated because I definitely try the best I can to motivate them, to the point that I’m missing out on motivating myself.

You feel disconnected

Though you’re there in the office, you zone out somewhere in between meetings, you’re spaced out at the end of the day or worst you sometimes daydream. You try your best helping others, and do not know how to help yourself. Because sometimes, it’s not enough that you get to ask questions and care for them when nobody asks or cares about you. Well, probably this is because they think it’s your role to become the mother hen, then you’re a grownup who knows how to take care of herself.

Little room for growth, nothing new on the horizon

Well, sometimes there is very little opportunity to move because you’re already almost on top of the corporate ladder. And when there’s something new in the horizon but you might be overqualified for the position. While in this dilemma you try to talk to your inner self to count your blessings, be happy and content with what you have. But there will really come a time that you need to move on and find fulfillment somewhere else. It’s not anymore about psyching yourself that everything is going to be okay because it won’t, decide on what you want to do in life and your ultimate goal. It helps listing them down so you’ll remember and plan on making things happen this time.

You want to do more but you can’t

No man is an island, you always need a team to work with, collaborate with, be in a relationship with and to argue with. It’s healthy when there’s open communications within a team and you’re all for one in achieving your goals. I’m all for teamwork and synergy , these two makes life and work easier. Thinking about it, there has always been a battle between those who are advance and those who are slow, not only in school but also in the workplace. Sometimes, you get to the point that you want to do something more, but can’t do it alone. You exert all your effort convincing the team, pitching the ideas and its benefits only to backfire at you because either it’s not on their priority list or it’s hard to do it, or it would take time, etcetera etcetera... Hence, time will definitely come that you’re already tired pitching in new ideas or solutions that you believe will work but no resources to make it happen.

For two decades of being in the workforce, I can say I’ve been through different industries, different teams, different roles but I truly loved them all. I learned a lot from them, and each time i feel all five of the things I mentioned I give myself time to think and really ask myself, if it’s time to go. Because, if it is, then there is no better timing than now. What do you think? Any other signs I might have missed out from above?

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