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Batanes Sights, Food and Travel Guide

Updated: Jul 22

When blessings came pouring to have greens and wonderful nature, Batanes was there to have it all. We visited this popular tourist destination that can be found at the northern part of Luzon. We stayed for 4 days/ 3 nights in Batanes and in those days we learned so much and loved Batanes as it is. 1st day was for North Sabtang Island Tour, 2nd Day for Sabtang Island and our last tour day was for South Sabtang Island.

The island is simple, breathtaking and amazing. Basic necessities are there, though electricity was a bit of a challenge since we had rotational brown out in the month of May. Hotels are kept on a minimum with most accommodations being bed & breakfast, home-stay and standard hotels with air-conditioned room. There are high end hotels like Fundacion Pacita and Bernardos should you prefer them. Should you want to be pampered with all the convenience, eat at michelin star resto’s and do shopping, I’m afraid Batanes is not for you.

Here, we experience nature at it’s best all the grass and greens up to the ends of the horizon. The bluest blue of the seas. Most tour spots capture amazing sunsets. Batanes has the best lighthouses and stone houses in the Philippines. The tour guides are trained, interesting and very accommodating. People were warm, friendly even and tries to help you as much as they can.

Food was excellent, I am not even a fan of eating a lot but i discovered I can eat a lot especially since most cuisine are cooked just like the way we did in Manila, except for their version of Adobo which is cooked dry with a lot of garlic, sweet potato fries, coconut crabs (can only be found in Batanes) that are known for their sweet meat and aligue and lastly, the IVATAN platter from Pension Ivatan is the best. Yumminess in the tummy for the whole Batanes visit. Sadly, just recently, coconut crabs is declared as endangered species, we do not encourage eating them.

Batanes is for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. A temporary recluse from the corporate world and toxic ways from the metro. It’s a destination worth going back to every once in a while. The people you meet, the journey you take and ultimately the experience would eventually make you love nature more.

It does not matter if you travel alone, or with a group because truly you’ll find yourself engrossed to it’s beauty the very existence of its place is already a wonderful reality. I hope the pictures I took would be enough to convince you to visit one day.

Words are not enough on how to describe the wonderful nature, people and food we have experienced while in the island. It’s one on my bucket list and I will surely go there to experience it again and again and again… Maybe next time I’ll visit during winter, with the cold weather without the snow!

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