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Experience Amanpulo At Least Once In Your Lifetime And Here's Why.

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

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Truly, Amanpulo is your ultimate island getaway!

Checklist and more! Dare I say you’d be coming back for more? Yep, you read it right. At first what all I wanted to do is laze under the sun, think of nothing but chill under my beach umbrella with a good book and a refreshing fruit juice. Oh the perks of being in an island as heavenly and divine such as Amanpulo!

Amanpulo flight from Manila

Now let me list the things you’ll love to do while in the island:

Snorkeling and fish feeding trips

The island has so much to offer than just laze around. First stop, the island boasts of at least seven square kilometers of pristine coral reef that starts just 300 meters from the powdery white sand beach. Imagine how beautiful under the sea would be, knowing that you’re so near them?

Amanpulo beachfront

In Amanpulo, there’s a regular run of boats to do variety of activities and excursions such as snorkeling and fish feeding trips twice a day. I am so delighted to really be in the same area where you can swim with the fishes, have them eat bread from your hands and play around them without needing to go inside a big aquarium. So, yes, do not let this pass -- a school of fish swimming around you all colored and bright. We met a lot of bat fish and some fish I am not sure what their names are, but surely they are colorful and friendly. There’s an added bonus, in case you catch a fish, you may be allowed to bring it home, or you can even eat it for dinner too.

Sun, Sea and Sand After a very exhilarating swim with the fishes, you can take a rest in comfortable reclining seats under your beach umbrella. You may also bring a good book to read to let the time pass by. The sun, sea and the beach will give you the serenity and quiet you need. This is luxury you can’t afford to have in the Metro, with your busy schedule and the continuous movement of people around you while at work. This time the peace and quiet gives you an exclusive feel of a resort so luxurious, come to think of it, it’s a reward you owe to yourself after all the hard work you did.

hammock, beach casita, amanpulo, sweetlifemaggie

You can engage in marine sports such as kayaking, paddle boarding and windsurfing. All gears you need are available for free.

Another option would be taking a power nap at your homey casita :) Each casita has its own broad wooden decks, hammocks in secluded bowers and pebble-washed walls that are just some of the traditional island elements. The Casitas are modeled after native bahay kubo dwellings. There are nuts, some sweets, coffee and tea bags that are complimentary for each guest. So it’s your choice where you want to nap while in your beach casita should you find the beachfront too open to enjoy your afternoon siesta. Will it be the hammock or in the wooden deck?

Beach beds, amanpulo, sweetlifemaggie


A bonus treat and to do when in the island is stargazing at the Clubhouse. An expansive view of the sky at night sprinkled with stars and constellations that you sometimes do not see often while in Manila. Weather permitting and on clear nights several times a week, Amanpulo sets up a huge telescope and team member experts point out the constellations to interested guests. Though stargazing is offered on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, the staff can set it up for you should weather be ideal. On my stay though, the skies were not clear, no stars but the moon was there to complement the quiet night. We had a private barbecue set up for dinner at the Windsurf Hut instead. So I set aside the stargazing night for the next visit!

Not only blues, but Green as well

It is interesting to note that the resort is very eco-friendly. The hotel is involved in turtle conservation and supports the surrounding island communities through the Andres Soriano Foundation. You can also visit their garden where they get homegrown produce and serve to the guests.

Surprise! You also get lucky when you visit Amanpulo for they have baby turtles as your welcoming committee :). When we arrived, they have a ceremony in the island where they let out the baby sea turtles to the shore. Watching a baby turtle struggle out of their nest and make its way to the water is a touching experience. Everything from their small footprints to the way they struggle to swim and float the first time.

Sorry to talk much, but this is the first time I witnessed a lot of baby turtles all together at one time. The hatchlings (around 73 of them) began their climb out of the improvised box that served as their resting place before finally being let out to the waters. Once the hatchlings successfully make it down the beach and reach the surf, they begin what is called a “swimming frenzy” which may last for several days, when they finally swim freely their "lost years" begin and their whereabouts will be unknown for as long as a decade, this according to Amanpulo team member and Kuya Kim of the island Kuya Aljor. When they have reached approximately the size of a dinner plate, the juvenile turtles will return to coastal areas where they will live and continue to mature.

So when in Amanpulo, you can swim not only with the fishes but also with the turtles haha! You need to be careful because they swim really fast and no one can keep up with them.

And lots of other fun island activities

Each casita has its own golf cart to help you discover on your own what the whole island can offer. If I have the extra time I would definitely be doing everything, as it is I had to prioritize and list instead what I will do next time I visit :). Another way to keep me busy early in the morning is to walk the whole stretch of the island’s white powdery sand in your barefoot, take time looking at the clear waters, feel the sand on your feet and just think of nothing but good vibes.

Golf Cart in Amanpulo

Along with the things I missed doing is play tennis (yes, they have a tennis court, no I’m not a pro haha), relax and be pampered in Amanpulo’s Signature Spa, enroll in scuba diving for beginners to their PADI dive centre, enjoy the kids lounge, or even read at their library with CDs and DVDs you can rummage and watch while there.

Indeed, Amanpulo is a paradise on earth and let’s hope they keep up to their guests expectation for a luxurious stay in a private homey tropical rustic setting they love!

Amanpulo, sweetlifemaggie

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