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Travel Plans 2018, my outline of what to look forward to and where to go

Updated: Apr 29

Yes, I’m a certified “lakwatsera”, simple happy traveler, my travels are always geared for comfort and value for money destinations that would help me unwind, relax, experience or learn about new things. My travels are also with different motivations, sometimes business, sometimes leisure, most of the time family oriented (kids and grannies) and once a year escapade for couple. I have always been interested in adventures but I am not one for rigorous activities or difficult terrain for mountain climbing and I have never done SOLO travel in my entire four decades, which reminds me to please have the time for that soon.

Anyways, I have a minimum list of travel plans below, I hope and claim I’ll make it happen all in 2018!

Up North _ Manaoag. Pangasinan and Baguio

Ok, I know that there are actually not that many new things happening in these two destinations but you can never say NO to a colder weather during Summer. And since the NLEX, SCTEX and TPLEX has been a wonderful, it only takes 3 hours from Mindanao Avenue to Baguio on a morning drive. Amazing right? Considering the traffic in the metro. But wait, we plan to visit in April so it might get probably a little more traffic since it’s summer. Visiting Manaoag in Pangasinan is normally a yearly occurrence but I have yet to write a travel guide for this spiritual place where devotees make it a point to visit asking for guidance and to thank Our Lady of Manaoag for all the blessings.

Staycations _ outskirts or within the Metro

So we have experienced hectic days both in school for kids and workplace for parents. Sometimes we need a time out, a breather, and what better way to address this? Well, pack you overnight bags go somewhere that’s not your room and embrace the change and relaxing mood. Breathe in, breathe out, away from the clutter of your normal weekday or weekend. Just pure family bonding over dinner, watching a movie or even becoming a group couch potato for once. Doable, with a number of boutique hotels around the metro or discovering some areas south or north.

Nature trip to Bohol

This one is more or else a reality that will happen, because we already have our flight tickets yehey! This will be my second time in Tagbilaran. I want my kids to enjoy nature, see beautiful beaches comparable to those white sand beaches in Boracay and in Coron and meet the tarsiers. I also know that Bohol also boasts of dolphins so, an encounter with them, swimming right beside each other would truly be wonderful for the kids. I would probably sit and take pictures at the boat while they are at sea.

Passion made possible in the city of Merlion

Singapore, I can always wait for a promo fare to make it happen. The only problem is my schedule has always been full the last two years and this year, I might just be able to squeeze this in because I have a new work assignment with most of whom I talk with and meet with are based in Singapore! I really hope I can do business and leisure travel this time around. There are a lot of new things happening in Singapore and a lot new places that I have not experienced last time I went there with my family.

Will Bangkok happen this year too?

It’s been years of wanting to go but unfortunately there are a lot of external factors affecting my BangKok trip all the time. So please, I hope the universe hears me and grant me this trip this year. I want to visit temples, eat Thai dishes and experience the bestest curry ever, see the floating market while doing a river cruise, to have a close encounter with an elephant, authentic thai massage in a heavenly themed spa and of course have a day of bargain shopping to get the best finds for my family back home.

Not too much on my list, because I feel that it’s just about right to have five major plans to spread out to the whole 12 months for this year. January came by so fast, no travel plans whatsoever was met haha! And to let you in on travelers secret, there are three major travel trade fairs in Manila where you can get the most value for money travel buys, aside from the quarterly credit card companies travel sale. So there, watch out for seat sales as well from airlines for the whole year.

Yey all done with my list! Here’s looking forward to better if not the best remaining months ahead to travel and conquer some of the most interesting local and regional destinations. “Lakwatsa pa more”, me and my wandering feet and the travel influence I have with my loved ones keep me going. Yep, passion for travel, live life more!


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