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An escape to Little Santorini at Anilao, Batangas

Updated: Apr 29

Sometimes a road trip to the south is what you need to take time off and unwind. Last December we went to a small little place known as the little Santorini this side of Batangas. Camp Netanya is an impressive and welcoming resort almost to the edge of Anilao. Really quite inspiring to have Santorini feels

Nice view, architecture inspired by Santorini in Greece. The front desk was very accommodating and helpful. We were allowed early check-in as rooms were available already :-). Welcome drinks available. Juice is free-flowing the whole day and water bottles are free while at the pool area. Infinity Pool was nice and in good condition overlooking Anilao Beach and right into the resort area beyond the pool is a diving site already. The pool also has a 12 ft deep area where introductory dive lessons are done.

Very picturesque, IG worthy ambiance. Resort good for couples, family or barkada outing. Main lobby, pool area, spa are all in good shape that would need no filter and would still look good in photos. Sunset will be the best setting when taking pictures. Spa Area though still has works are being done. You can have the massage in-room or in the Spa Area. If you’re coming from Manila, it’s good to come early and have your full body massage before checking in to save you time especially if your stay is for overnight only.

Afternoon spent being lazy and took the much needed rest from an early travel from Manila. Alarm went off at five pm, so we won’t miss the sunset from 530 until 6pm, though it was a bit cloudy that time, we were still able to witness the sun setting this side of Anilao. You can view the sunset from our room, then we immediately traversed going down the pool area so we can be part of the sunset view lounging under our beach umbrella. Bring a good novel or two and just laze around, take your time dozing off and let sleep and sea air embrace you. The sea breeze combined with the comfort of the beach bed after your full body massage will indeed calm your senses and spread warmth all over.

In the morning, there are a list of in house activities you can join, borrow a bike and do trekking just make sure you have your trekking shoes and trek to Mt Gulugod Baboy for your morning climb. The wonderful view at the summit and the fresh mountain air will melt your heart according to some who went to join the climb. I’m not into mountain climbing but will surely do this some other time. You can also create your own adventure with the thrill of boat rides, the feel of ocean life through their island experience by kayaking, use pedal boats, and other water activities. You may also join the resorts island hopping experience, their guides will bring you to see the famous hat shaped Sombrero Island and the rock cave formation at Oscar Island. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also adventurous, though at the time of the visit I truly just needed to rest and reconnect with calmness haha!

Like any newly opened resort, there are still some areas that need improvement, once you’ve checked in and roam around to check the facilities you’ll feel that maybe they are still on soft opening as some portions of the resort there are still works being done. The guards/security personnel were a bit unorganized when we were there as they don’t practice the first come first serve basis on parking. Food was well cooked, though very limited in choices. There were no touch of Greek whatsoever, only Filipino food is available with some from the menu also not available. As per their food servers their specialty is “lechon kawali” and “sisig”, the other says its Bicol express and Laing which we were not able to try because it was also unavailable at the time. They are not strict though, that they allow to bring in chips and drinks without a corkage. It would really be good to have a Greek Themed resto that is comparable to authentic Greek restaurants to complete the experience of being in Santorini. Yes, there were some portion of the hotel that’s being upgraded or on finishing phase so be sure to request for rooms far from where the works are being done. Wifi available only at the lobby, no phones in the room, they provide mobile number to contact the front desk if guests needs assistance. We had a good stay though, relaxing and an enjoyable staycation away from the city hustle, bustle and noise. Would certainly be back to bring kids and enjoy island activities once facilities are complete and available. More photo essays for you to see...

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