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Long Weekends are the best!

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

For working moms like me, every long weekend is such a happy surprise that the whole family looks forward to spending. The list of things to do usually starts Friday night and everyone seems to have their own agenda, so how organized you are in your work meetings and deliverables you must be equally so in your family goals.

You should use your happy list to make moments you would like to plan the weekend fun. Now think about how, when, and where one may apply this list for creating a happy weekend.

The process of writing a list of fun things that make you happy is similar to creating a grocery list, a household projects list or a goals list. Add anything that make you think "This is Life!" or "The things that make you happy", it's not that hard for me because I am basically a happy person. I'm all for HAPPINESS inside and out :-).

Here's a list of my happy things on long weekends:

Midnight snacks

This is so sweet and seldom. Chips, chocolates, sometimes popcorn are good must haves during our midnight snacking. When kids finally retire and gives us their goodnight kiss, it's definitely time for some wine and a good book for mommy.

Movie marathon

A list of feel good movies, may it be action or comedy is always a welcome voting session. I am the only one that likes love stories and drama, hence my choice would always be shown the last when they are so tired to watch anymore. But even so, I still love that we get to spend weekends like this.

Go to the mall

More often than not, mommies like me also count Supermarket as the mall. Basically since, it's located within a mall. On weekends need to make sure the fridge is full. Cannot let the tummies suffer, because my boys are growing kids more so, their Dad's tummy can't be deprived of a well prepared home cooked meals on weekends.

Pig Out somewhere

Since there are three nights this weekend, we eat out on of those nights. As quarterly exams of my youngest son just ended, we went to their favorite Katsu restaurant in QC where they enjoyed their unli cabbage, rice, miso soup and watermelon slices. Dinner out to a restaurant of their choice is one of their incentives after exams and getting good grades.

Giving back the glory

Spending Sunday mornings at church to express our gratefulness and giving back all the glory is a must for the whole family. As much as possible, together we attend the mass, ask for forgiveness, share our blessings and pray for the good of everyone.

Bake or cook

There are times the kids have their own recipe to bake and there are times mommy cooks pasta. This weekend though a Caesar salad will do, mix a handful of romaine lettuce, croutons, sliced black olives, hard-boiled egg, parmesan cheese, crispy bacon bits and Caesar salad dressing is heaven. I can eat a whole bowl of this for dinner, but nope i needed to share to everyone which makes it more appealing to finish.

All in all, a weekend is the best when spent with your happy peeps. I am so thankful, we are basically a homebody. It will be very hard to get us out especially if it's bed weather or if we scheduled a fun filled get together at home with the rest of our big family (my papa and mama has four kids, all married and most with sons and daughter of their own). Well, for me it just goes to show that no matter how short or long a weekend may be, it is always a welcome event to spend it with your loved ones and friends.

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