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Eight things to do on a delayed flight

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Travel has always been my favorite way to relax and unwind. Well of course we cannot really guarantee a smooth flow of activities during travel especially since we do not have control of some areas such as the weather, traffic and airport. In this case, let me dwell more on time spent in an airport during delayed flights :-(. Unfortunately it's becoming the new normal, flight delayed ? Nothing new right? What better ways we need to do when we're caught in the middle of it?

Make sure you have enough power bank. I'm talking about full charge and a spare for your gadgets. Since flight gets delayed for an hour or sometimes a full 5 to 8 hours you would want to make your waiting productive, so open your emails try to do some work, post your sentiments in social media or call family and friends to catch up on things. Might do you good and prep you before you arrive in your island of paradise..

Read a good book. Books come in handy. May it be paperback, in a tablet or Kindle it gives you the comfort of learning something new, experiencing something better than just staring into horizon doing nothing and hoping that suddenly the plane is now ready for boarding.

Go to the loo. Yes, i have never really been comfortable using the plane's washroom. Too tight, too close and too far from where I'm usually seated. Well, now is your chance - no plane yet then get to the loo!

Listen to music. Now is the time, you have the chance to clean up and arrange your playlist according to genre, artist, or your favorites. Bring your earphones though as peeps around you would definitely mind if your music is loud so be careful, you don't want to offend others.

Eat and be merry. Depending on which airport you are in some would have interesting cuisine, some would have simpler choices but at the end of the day it's your tummy's satisfaction that matters. I personally choose to eat light, munch on a biscuit instead of having a full meal. This gives me the excuse to eat more upon arrival to my destination making me more hungry for their local food.

Explore the airport. You never know what's in it unless you take it upon yourself to be adventurous in an airport. There would be waiting areas, wash rooms, prayer room, kiddie lounge, airline lounges, boarding gate, small shops for souvenirs, coffee shops and restos. Its interesting to note that we also find convenience stores, massage areas and even sleeping areas for some lounges in international airports. Sadly though if you are in a domestic airport you kinda be able to finish the airport ocular in just a few minutes.

Play and beat your highest score. May it be 2048, candy crush, jewels or scrabble the more time you have playing, the more challenging the stages and level you reach. And then viola! Waiting game is over and boarding time has arrived!

Lastly, pray. I know that patience is a virtue, and we've often heard about this. Well it does get better when we practice this. Patience, patience, patience. Pray and it shall be granted. Sometimes we are thinking, we're happy as we are finally boarding the plane... only to find out there is no runway ready for our take off! Haha! 👼🙏

Time to smile and let everything fall into its proper place. There is always a good reason why things happen although we do not understand why. Sometimes travelling gives us new perspective and more often than not the journey to our destination makes the travel more meaningful and memorable. Its up to us to make the most out of our journey so I recommmend a positive outlook no matter what :-)

Happy travels! :)🌎⛵✈🚢🗼

*** This post was published originally in 2015

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