• Mags Rafael-Salvador

Writing…new endeavor!

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

This was made six years ago, who would've thought :-)
I’m not sure how to start. This is by far the most recent hobby I would like to engage myself in… Writing would probably be the next best thing after reading a lot of fiction books, so im guessing i wanna try doing this from hereon until the day i get tired in doing it. By the way I still am reading fiction books, romance, comedy, novels, series but I believe I find stories with a little bit of corporate setting and sometimes unreal situation more interesting and definitely a page turner. Sort of saying bitchiness I’ve read about may never quite feel real or be able to actually do in my proper, planned, simple not so boring lifetime. Because, I'm not bitchy most of the time. I’m more of like a peace keeper person which has it’s ups and downs….

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