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An open letter to the younger generation

Updated: Apr 29

Dear younger generation,

Life is not always all about you. This is an open letter to those that's joining the corporate world or on the verge of "adulting". We are happy to have the you join the workforce because you bring in new ideas, innovation, color to the team and new blood. Not to mention, being the generation of multi-taskers, you get to do a lot all at the same time :-).

When you finally start working, in the beginning, there's training, there's honing of your skill set, building relationship with your team, becoming a team player and moving on to being productive to deliver what's expected from you. Sometimes you get a boss or a leader that you wished for, but sometimes you don't. Make the most out of it and absorb all the teachings from the training, from the company and from your mentors.

Remember, only be a sponge for those that you think and feel what is right and just. Don't think of work as a means to get your bills paid, better to think of it as a part of your personal development and a learning expedition. Once your comfortable in your work, hopefully you fall in love with it that you strive hard, excel and be more responsible. Most of the time when you perform well at work, you are given more workload and a heavier responsibility. If you're a pessimist then you'll think it's unfair to be getting more work, but if you're an optimist you'll see this as a challenge. There'd be more motivation in all that you do because your leader has faith that you can actually perform and deliver.

Suddenly, work challenges come, then the going gets tough. As much as your leaders want to create a perfect work environment for the team, it just never gets to it. And it's hard, in all honesty when aside from the day to day work and you still have time to bury your mind of how unfair life is for you at the moment. Maybe when you are not preoccupied with negativity then you can look the other way around. If you can put yourself in the shoes of your leader when they have to deal with how to make it easy for the rest of the team while doing their day jobs delivering what's expected from them by then you will truly understand.

Sometimes, work challenges brings to your mind that giving up is the easiest thing you could ever do. But it's not, always remember that holding it all together when everyone expects you to crumble is true strength. When the going gets tough, its hard to stick it out. Running away is often an easier way to cope. But running from our problems will never fix anything. Its when we stay and persevere, even when its difficult that we succeed.

Bear in mind, that it's not just you. It is probably just as hard for your leader if and when they feel that the team has low morale and demotivated. Try to stop thinking about yourself for a while and ask, how can I help. Believe it or not, sometimes the leader get's most discouraged but it doesn't show. It's a bit hard for your leader to keep it as positive as possible to help motivate the team if some of you is just unwilling to help. So, yeah I thinks it's good to ask your leader sometime if all are good? or if all are OK? or how can you help?

Growing up, does make you responsible. It gives you the courage to face the challenges and succeed in life. In any hardship, make sure not to give up. Take note that life doesn't get easier, you just get stronger.


From team Gen X

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