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8 Simple things as my source of happy and can be yours too

Updated: Apr 29

Life is complicated. Everyday time seems to spin by faster. Sometimes you feel tired of being in the middle of chaos, deadlines, demands and pressure to go even faster. And there are times you just shut off and think if it’s possible to live a simpler, more restful life? I believe that simple things makes you happy, but sometimes are taken for granted. Most of the time the littlest thing matters and we’re all so bent on looking at the great bigger picture that we tend not to notice the little ones anymore.

I made a list of eight simple things that makes me happy in a day:

Waking up

Waking up every day is one miracle we need to be thankful for. No matter how life has been to us, may it be good or bad we need to constantly see the world with a different pair of eyes each time we are given a day to live. It’s a chance to make life better, an opportunity to become greater than yesterday. Try it and it works, always put a smile in the morning and make the effort to wear it the whole day. And the universe smiles back at you.

Coffee, chocolates or tea

All of the above just makes my day. It is never complete without one. It gives me drive, it takes me where I need to be and maybe because coffee has its added benefits, I oh so want to absorb it all. Can’t say for all but I think a big chunk of us humans are coffee lovers by heart. Don’t get me wrong, a cup or two at the most is enough for a day for me. Anything more would make me palpitate and my nerves would be all over.

Receiving messages, random or otherwise

When you get a random text message, a chat message, a message in sticky notepads, a phone call from a friend or a family that you have not heard from in months or even years, it is always a welcome surprise. I love catching up with friends, family, mentor, life coach and colleagues. I see to it that I keep in touch once in a while, greeting them on birthdays or just dropping by to say a quick hi on their messengers. I think I might have the knack of being there for someone when they need one and I am equally happy to have others that are the same to me. Nothing is as calming and comforting as communication between best friends and family.

Time Out

We need this, may it be 15 minutes, an hour or even half a day we need to make time. Walking serves as a good time out activity. It relaxes your mood, reduces your stress and makes you happy :-) . Go out, go somewhere to smell the flowers, live the moment and just enjoy life. Happiness really boils down to bits and pieces. And surprisingly a time off from things that has been constant in reducing your ability to be happy, is not healthy so go ahead make time to be happy.


I am not really an authority when it comes to food, but I love food all the same. I am not picky, I can actually have just half rice for lunch and another half rice for dinner with a small serving of any dish. But, I’m a sucker for desserts, so I see to it that I have a banana or a small chocolate bar after lunch and dinner. Yep, simple but happy.


In each of my travels, I see to it that I spend at least one sunset in each destination. And believe me, there is no sunset that exactly looks alike. Every time it happens it captures a different beauty, more colors and hues, different angles, different views. It is still magnificent and embracing looking at it any which way. I think I may need to share in a different write up of all the sunsets I was able to experience and let you see for yourself. It’s purely bliss and happy when witnessing a sunset. And on weekdays when I’m stuck in the office during this time of day, I steal a few minutes going to the west side of our building to catch a glimpse of sunset.

Pat on the back or a big hug

Sometimes all we need is to know that someone cares. No need for words, just a pat on the back when we deserve our “KUDOS” from a job well done. And a warm embrace or a big hug when things aren’t going our way at times. It makes it better when we invest in little gestures not to be misinterpreted with malice but just genuine caring. Surprisingly, when you care enough to make another person feel good about themselves you get the feeling you’ve done something good as well and makes you happy.

Holding hands and Good night kisses

A little cheesy and mushy over here, but aren’t you feeling happy when you have someone you care about holding your hand. Lets you feel you’re not alone? Being warm with others restores our balance and perspective. Even Science agrees, I read from Elite Daily that one of the researchers of Scientific study “Lending a Hand” Dr. James Coan, said, “We found that holding the hand of really anyone, it made your brain work a little less hard in coping”. See, I really also feel that things gets better when we hold hands. Good night kisses on the other hand, I love getting this from my kids. It’s one way of knowing we can now all go to sleep and be excited for what’s to come the next morning.

So there, let us take it upon ourselves, create the happy we want in our lives. Make other people happy, this way it multiplies our happiness and makes the world a better place to live in. Doing these everyday, letting small things be miracles, that's waiting to happen then it helps create a simple life we desire. I want simple, I am happy. Hope you are too.

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