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Think happy thoughts and enjoy the little things in life

I always try to look on the positive side of things, every day in every task and in any situation I face. It’s when you’re tired and in pain that it’s sometimes hard to even take on things positively. What I normally do, is pause and stop whatever it is I’m doing then start to breathe. With the hustle and bustle of what surrounds us, be at work, at home or at school we tend to take for granted to take time off even for a few minutes. A time-out of what keeps us busy can make or break our outlook in life or the way we see things coming.

What keeps you from living the life of your dreams?

You deserve better, NOW is the time!

Years ago, I planned to grow and invest my hard-earned money but I didn't have any idea how to start. 


Thank God I read about the Truly Rich Club! For months now, mentor Bo Sanchez has been guiding me towards the challenging yet rewarding road of Stock Market Investing. It really was an answered prayer because since then, I saw opportunities for my money to grow securely over time. I sincerely hope you'd be among the thousands of wise individuals who took one brave step and are now smiling at the prosperous future ahead of them. 

Know more about the Truly Rich Club. Let Bo teach you his secrets.

God bless!

Crossing the Bridge

Whys and Hows' ?
There's value in sharing & caring

DIYs, Travels, How To's and Positivity Videos

Everyday we are faced with experiences that mold us into what we are today. Unlimited learning and understanding ourselves, our family, friends and the society we live in. I've been wanting to try a different media to try and help those who wants to learn, grow one step at a time and maybe even need a friend when they need one. I'm a mom, a wife, a travel professional, a wanderer and a work in progress. I would love to share my experiences, travels, passion and ultimately become your dose of positivity when you need it.

Happy watching and sharing!

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Project Happiness

Create your Happy Goals

Where you are now and where do you wanna go? A dream board will definitely help. Would you like to talk about it and plan? The year is ending soon and we are about to become busy, have you started planning for a better 2021? I can help :-). I enjoy planning and looking for ways to make life even better for everyone.

Let's start working on your new project. We'd be happy to help you reach your goals personally and do business to help increase your passive income. 

Jumping in the Leaves